Greg Kluempers

Greg Kluempers has lived in St. Louis, MO his entire life.  He bought his first serious 35mm camera in 1970.  Shortly after that he started taking college level fine art courses including photography and was in his first show with other students in 1972. 

In the mid-seventies Greg started a career as an engineer in the aircraft industry.  During that time photography was a serious hobby.  In 2014 Greg retired from his engineering position and is doing photography full time.

In 1999 had Greg returned to Florissant Valley at night to continue his art education and in June, 2006 he received Associate in Fine Arts Degree – Photography.  While working on this degree the emphasis was film and darkroom processing.  In 2007 Greg started working strictly in digital photography.

The last few years Greg has traveled in the US and Europe to expand his image base.  The digital images are just the starting point in the creative process.  He captures his images with the idea of the finished image already in his mind.  He’s thinking post processing right from the very beginning.  Many of his images fit into the Pictorialism Style using manipulation of typically “straight” photographic materials and create new, more expressive, painterly, altered interpretations as was a way of projecting an emotional intent into the viewer’s realm of imagination.  He does this in Photoshop using plug-ins, filters, layers of textures, and blending them with various opacities into a finished image.

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