Jay Thompson

Jay Thompson is the creator, curator and keeper of a large collection of curios that he collectively calls CAT WORKS.

He works like a painter, but instead of using a brush and oils he invents situations of altered realities with digital processors. By using original and re-purposed vintage photography, along with heavily painted and designed elements, which he layers and meticulously stitches together. Blending the above with his unique sense of humor and you achieve his main goal…a strong visual experience.

This experience as artwork, is non-pretentious and approachable…they warm your heart. However, this does not mean that these compelling creations are simple….they are not. SOME storytelling contained within is multi-layered and complex, MANY reveal deeper meanings with further viewing. ALL are easy to live with even as they invite study and comment.

Cat Works represents Jay Thompson’s attitudes, his beliefs and is mixed generously with his point-of-view. Are these the surreal snapshots of the imagination? Or…are they something more? The hy-bred creatures shown here are completely self-aware. The offer no apology for their existence.

In fact, their existence is unique. Their society, their moral code, their very history ALL mirror the viewer. BUT there is a predatory under-current that permeates the collection. Fang and claw…just out of sight, reminds us of our base nature and our more primitive urges. Then again these may just be, the surreal snapshots of the imagination.

This is DIGITAL ART at a very creative level. Processing and composition programs are Jay Thompson’s main tools. Highest quality archival papers and inks are used to produce strict limited editions that are personally signed and numbered.