Kathryn Leventhal-Arnold

The juxtaposition of the fluidity of leaves, flowers, water, and animals with the stiffness and solidity of metal and glass is fun and fantastic in a way I love. My passion is taking a flat static piece of metal and hammering, folding, cutting, and twisting it before using enamels, beads, and wire to create something new. By hammering and folding the metal I use its unique properties to create natural movement. The colors are created by using and layering enamels to create patterns, textures, and colors that flow with the natural bend of the metal.

Sitting in front of a computer for over 20 years as a technical writer and project manager has driven me to search out movement and texture. I try to walk or run outside at least a few times a week. And I spend much of my vacation time hiking and camping in the woods. I have been a fan of fantasy and science fiction since I was a child, which has fed my imagination with images of fantastic worlds. I also try to stretch my mind with excursions into other viewpoints, such as visits to the Missouri Botanical Gardens (particularly the annual Orchid show) and the Metropolitan Opera in HD.

From all these seeds come the inspirations for my creations.

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and raised in Bloomfield, Connecticut, I have lived in Saint Louis, Missouri since 1985.


Contact Information:

Kathryn E. Leventhal-Arnold
KEL-A Unique Art
P.O. Box 27914
St. Louis, Missouri  63146-1414

Phone: (314) 852-5523
Email: Kathryn@KEL-A.com
Website: www.KEL-A.com