Lori Doty

Porcelain artist Lori Doty started her work with clay during college in 1995, a one semester course changed everything for her. Initially she was uncertain about the coarse stoneware clay normally used by the instructor, but when she got a chance to try making with porcelain there was no other clay for her. For the last 22 years she has tamed the clay that has caused so many headaches and heartaches and made it work for her and with the glazes she makes and uses on it.

Her main focus has been on creating work that mimics or gives the holder the impression of familiar flowers whether it is due to the shape or the coloration from  due to the glazes she uses. She hand carves details and then paints glazes onto them to give greater depth to some pieces.

Occasionally she gives up control of what the work will look like with glazes and does a pit firing instead. The smoke and ash of the fire will paint the surface of each bottle shaped piece differently and unpredictably. With the addition of copper carbonate powder she can achieve splashes of red or green depending on how hot the fire reached.