Melanie Hancock

My love affair with chainmaille began about 15 years ago when I received a sterling silver Byzantine woven bracelet as a gift from my mother. I loved it so much I asked for a matching necklace the next year. At some point I lost the bracelet and I couldn’t find a replacement.

Fast forward to October of 2015 when I signed up for a Byzantine chainmaille class taught by Rosanne Sartori and loved it. I have always had an artistically creative mind but hadn’t been able to translate my ideas into real art through any conventional methods. I took to chainmaille weaving instantly and went on to teach myself different techniques and weaves. Each new pattern I learn offers new challenges and opens up a wide range of new possibilities.

I work with a range of metals including Argentium silver, sterling silver, 14 karat gold filled, anodized aluminum, and bright aluminum. I also love incorporating colors, charms, and beads into my weaves to give them a new level of personality. My take on chainmaille has been very well received at local fine art shows and galleries.

I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it!

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